DMS offers tri-bureau summary attributes that can be used for financial risk evaluation, fraud detection and marketing needs, providing DMS clients with consistently derived attributes at all stages – origination, account management and marketing.  Clients can select attributes that are most appropriate to their business lines or product offerings.  The attributes are standardized, reduce redundant data and can be combined with internal performance or archived data for predictive modeling.

DMS provides a combined total of over 2,600 tri-bureau summary attributes to help clients leverage the power of data:

  • DMS Summary Attributes®
    DMS Summary Attributes® consolidate credit information for easier analysis by application and decisioning platforms, turning redundant data into valuable information.
  • Derived Attributes
    Derived Attributes combine existing DMS Summary Attributes® to better identify factors that separate good behavior from bad, increasing the value of credit bureau information. 
  • Insurance Attributes
    Improve profitability and reduce costs with insurance-specific attributes.
  • Loan Modification Attributes
    Specialized set of tri-bureau attributes addresses the number of tradelines with a modification applied
  • Trended Attributes
    Gain a view of the customer that leverages credit data at specified points of time
  • Supplemental Attributes
    This set of 167 attributes is broken out into auto, bankruptcy, collections, deferred education categories, public records and tradeline, new credit, experience, usage and delinquency.
tri-bureau summary attributes