Gain access to additional attributes, including attributes beneficial to all lenders.

DMS Supplemental Attributes expand upon the over 2,600 DMS Summary Attributes® we offer, with attributes that cover new credit concepts and improved attribute calculation methods.  This set of 167 attributes is broken out into auto, bankruptcy, collections, deferred education categories, public records and tradeline, new credit, experience, usage and delinquency.

The Supplemental Attributes support TransUnion 4.0, Equifax 5, Equifax 6, Equifax 7 and Experian 7, enabling lenders to leverage them in credit policy and models.  The Equifax and TransUnion Canadian bureau formats are also supported. DMS can provide clients with attribute calculations on a sample of their data to ensure they understand the calculations and look at the performance of these attributes.

Supplemental Attributes

Leverage an additional 167 attributes that cover new credit concepts.

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