Achieve a new dimension of risk assessment.

The ability to predict consumer behavior at each stage of the customer lifecycle impacts both the management of risk as well as revenue potential. Trended attributes provide a view of the customer that leverages credit data at specified points of time, including credit utilization, past balances, and payment history. These data points can help companies better tailor marketing offers in the acquisition stage, as well as assign or increase credit limits.

Is the applicant a “transactor” who pays off the balance of revolving tradelines every month, or a “revolver” who carries a balance from month to month? Does the applicant have the financial discipline to pay down a balance over time, or are they ramping debt up?  Tri-bureau trended attributes are normalized and provide insight to these questions by delivering a history of tradeline balance information.

The same attributes are also available for archives processed through DMS.  When generated, they can be included in the development and validation of new scoring models.

Trended Attributes

Leverage trended data to predict consumer behavior at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

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