for over 40 Years

From extensive roots in the credit industry, Digital Matrix Systems (DMS) has evolved into a comprehensive risk management solution provider.  Companies that rely on data and analytic decision making have trusted Digital Matrix Systems to deliver integrated software and services for four decades.  Innovative solutions enable financial services, brokerage services, and insurance clients to leverage the power of data to improve business outcomes.


The DMS suite of licensed, hosted, and Internet-based products provides easy access to credit bureaus. In addition, DMS offers connectivity to a broad range of alternative data sources.  This comprehensive data access supports every stage of the digital customer lifecycle.  Through a collaborative approach, Digital Matrix Systems gains insight into business challenges to help clients:

  • Identify and leverage the most effective data possible to acquire and retain customers
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce the inherent risk in lending and policy issuance decisions.

With a unique blend of advanced analytics, scoring models and comprehensive consulting, DMS delivers strategic, cost-effective solutions tailored to each client.

Industry Expertise

We understand your data management needs:

  • Financial Services – decision making needs to happen fast, and it needs to be accurate.  DMS is deeply rooted in the financial services industry. We serve credit card issuers, banks, credit unions, collections agencies, auto finance and other lenders.  Our data access products are feature-rich and can easily interface with most loan origination systems.  We enable lenders of all types to stay ahead of the competition with analytic software that is dependable, robust, and fast.
  • Insurance – access to data that helps drive the customer experience and improve decisions is critical in support of insurers’ digital transformation.  DMS provides products and services that support the automation required for transformation and growth.  We support digital underwriting and provide analytics that help automate decisioning and strengthen pricing and other policy decisions.  DMS focuses on minimizing insurers’ IT resource commitment through data management and governance — freeing you to focus on your core business.

Client Satisfaction

Our reputation is built on trust and a history of helping our clients effectively drive the customer experience and improve decisions through data.  With a customer-centric focus, we’ve maintained long-standing relationships with our clients and partners.

DMS focuses on providing enterprise-level access, storage, and analytics. We can help extend the useful life of your existing systems.  Our team can help you make improvements to processes and infrastructure, and bring on cutting edge changes more easily.  Let us apply our expertise to your business goals and jump start your digital transformation.