Simplified Data Retrieval with Integrated Software

CreditServer® offers a simple way to retrieve data files from all the major credit bureaus and other data sources with a single request. This hosted solution enables clients to leverage DMS communication lines, and share hardware and strategic redundancy of failover systems without the need to purchase and maintain hardware infrastructure. Dedicated systems are also available to take full advantage of the speed and reliability of a hosted data access service.

CreditServer® integrates easily with other DMS products, including CreditAnalyst®, DMS Data Warehouse® and DMS Summary Attributes®. It also features the enhanced DMS Common Inquiry, which simplifies data requests to multiple sources using one format. The DMS Common Inquiry enables users to make data inquiries to multiple data sources simultaneously and permits “waterfall” logic to be incorporated into the request without the need to resend inquiry data.

CreditServer® benefits include:

  • One inquiry results in one response, regardless of the number of data sources requested.
  • Duplicate tradelines across bureaus are removed, resulting in a multi-bureau merged credit response that simplifies the analysis and decision process.
  • Reduction of costs by eliminating software licensing fees and the need to maintain communication lines to each bureau.
  • Ability to save costs by reusing previously pulled consumer credit bureau reports.