With CreditAnalyst®, you can quickly develop custom attributes and scorecards for model assessment.  CreditAnalyst® supports all three credit bureaus, and is a powerful weapon in risk assessment and automated decisioning processes.   This unique platform makes it easier to compile, test and deploy credit attributes and scorecards.  All work is reusable across the development, testing, and implementation life cycle.

CreditAnalyst® can be installed as a stand-alone package.  If needed, a networked version can be installed that is accessible by multiple analysts.  Risk variable development is facilitated through the integration of raw data storage and real-time script execution over development and test populations.

Scorecards can be written through CreditAnalyst® and immediately deployed to your production environment.  There is no need for additional programming support, which eliminates the extra time and resources required by other tools.

CreditAnalyst® effectively:

  • Integrates with CreditToolkit®, CreditServer®, and DMS archive processing services
  • Supports coding, testing, and implementation of custom attributes and scorecards
  • Simplifies the use of DMS Summary Attributes® in production scoring
  • Reduces coding through the utilization of a standardized and normalized data format
  • Serves as an invaluable tool for regression testing scorecards across multiple populations
  • Safeguards proprietary information with encryption technology
  • Promotes sharing of credit attribute components between risk managers
  • Protects the confidentiality of data and scripts