Data Access Point



Data Access Point™ is a cutting-edge connectivity hub that links clients to key decision data sources with a single inquiry and delivers the data within a standard XML format. This offers risk managers access to data from a variety of sources in order to make better-informed decisions.

Data Source Categories

Driven by client requests and market research, DMS continually evaluates new data sources on their unique data elements and the informational value provided by each.  From consumer and commercial credit bureaus, to fraud identification and auto data sources, we provide comprehensive access to the data you need.

Consumer Credit Bureaus

Providing access to the consumer credit bureaus in North America, a single standardized credit report format enables DMS clients to move from one credit source to another within an easy-to-read layout. Leveraging DMS’ expertise, clients can make the best economic and risk-based decisions with the most complete applicant credit report based on their product offering or geographic data.

Commercial Credit Bureaus

Key commercial credit report providers give risk managers the opportunity to uncover objective information about the companies they do business with. Commercial credit bureaus report information based on business size and type. Although information on large companies typically is captured, information about sole proprietorships may be limited. Often, the small business commercial file needs to be augmented with consumer credit data in order to accurately assess risk. This is easily and cost-effectively achieved via Data Access Point™.  The incorporation of proven deduplication and merge logic within the credit retrieval process adds even more value to the retrieved data.

Specialized Data Sources

Specialized data sources can assist risk managers in creating predictive scoring models when little or no credit information is available, allowing them to tap into new or underserved markets with information that illustrates a consumer’s financial habits. Whether classified as no hits, underbanked, credit underserved or thin files, this group represents more than 50 million potential applicants. Verifying the validity of applicant information helps safeguard business decisions, even when credit bureau information is available. When combined with credit bureau information, specialized data sources including fraud and identity scores help risk managers gain even more intelligence about consumers to make the best business decisions. DMS offers access to a host of data sources, including drivers’ history, public record, deposit account information, cell phone and demographic data.

Data Access Point