SentiLink is a leader in identity verification technology. Its predictive capabilities enable real-time authentication of identities with unparalleled accuracy, and the prevention of identity theft, synthetic fraud, and various forms of first party fraud. Institutions doing business digitally can approve more people, faster with SentiLink’s products.

SentiLink’s solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of the dynamic behaviors and tactics exploited by fraudsters. The technology sits on top of a bank or lender’s customer onboarding system, where it can connect, communicate and relay information via SentiLink’s API. As applications are submitted, the data provided is compared against ones that have previously been scored, as well as third-party data and known fraudulent trends and activities. Higher scores indicate a higher level of risk and are flagged for manual review. All of this is accomplished within less than a second.

SentiLink was founded by Naftali Harris and Maxwell Blumenfeld in 2017, two former risk decisioning and operations experts from the online lender, Affirm. They work with over 100 banks, lenders, and financial institutions and have verified over 200M identities to date.

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