Point Predictive Inc. is a leading provider of fraud solutions to banks, lenders and finance companies. It solves the billion-dollar fraud problems of auto lending, mortgage lending, and banking fraud with artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep domain expertise across many industries.  Point Predictive’s machine learning techniques help organizations reduce their risk of losses due to fraud, risk, and misrepresentation and have proven to help lenders reduce their default losses by up to 50% through better targeting.  Their solutions are also used to help banks and lenders streamline the loan origination process and improve pull through of low-risk applications to increase growth and profitability.

With DMS you get access to Point Predictive’s suite of risk products including Auto Risk Manager, Synthetic ID Alert, Income Validation Alert, and DealerTrace.

  • Auto Risk Manager – application scoring solution for Auto Lenders that precisely identifies the risk of default and helps lenders reduce defaults by up to 50%
  • DealerTrace – a solution for Auto Lenders to monitor their dealer network for risk and fraud and identify dealer risk up to 180 days sooner.
  • Synthetic ID Alert – application or new account solution which enables banks and lenders to instantly identify any pattern of synthetic identity on a new application or on a portfolio.
  • Income Validation Alert  – application or new account solution which alerts banks if the stated income is misrepresented by 15% or more.

Learn more at www.pointpredictive.com.

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