Placelogix’s ZIP-level contextual data helps companies understand how local factors affect their consumers’ behavior resulting in better analytical models and strategies. Placelogix’s ZIP database is industry’s most extensive and comprehensive ZIP level data consisting of over 3400 variables per ZIP code about local economy, housing, demographics, transportation, education, healthcare, etc.. Placelogix data is gathered from hundreds of public and private sources, curated and then offered in model-ready formats.

Why use local contextual data in addition to user’s personal data? Because people live, learn, work, earn, buy, and spend locally – which is captured by ZIP level aggregated data – and that’s why ZIPnomics contextual data provides crucial insights into consumer behavior and trends. Companies that do use contextual data, along with consumers’ personal data and scores, will have sharper insights and better results.

Placelogix’s database also includes over 20 proprietary ZIP indices created from billions of data points and these can be readily used – no modeling required – by businesses to understand their customers and evaluate how local data impacts their KPIs and performance. Our most popular ZIP indices are the Local Economic Health Index, Job Conditions Index, Unemployment Index, Ability To Pay Index, Consumer Debt Collectability Index, and the Walkability Index.

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