Neuro-ID’s NOW Data™ is the first of its kind to provide brands with rich, unique and abundant behavioral data directly from their customers in real-time. This new source of actionable data ushers in a new era of personalization for any digital interaction. Neuro-ID, the pioneer in actionable real-time behavioral analytics leverages patented software to monitor, analyze and score human-computer interactions in real time in order to enhance a user experience as it happens. Neuro-ID collects and measures various behavioral indicators of confidence, indecision, state-of-mind, intention and emotion, which serves as the foundation for Neuro-ID’s NOW Data solutions. Based exclusively on in-session behavioral data, Neuro-ID calculates and delivers actionable Neuro Confidence Scores using proprietary models, which are customized to dramatically improve strategies and performance for CX, marketing, fraud and risk.

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