HazardHub is the first third-generation geospatial hazard data company. We’re designed to overcome the typical barriers of expensive, hard to use, third-party data in the P&C insurance decision space. We take a painful, time-consuming, manual and error-prone data gathering process and reduce it down to a single API call. HazardHub lets agents sell and underwriters avoid the risks inherent in having too little data. The areas we focus on include: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Man-made hazards and property characteristics. Some of our data includes: Fire hydrant locations; the premier Wildfire model, Ice dams, Storm surge, Frozen Pipes, Clandestine drug labs, Fracking earthquakes, Premium taxes, Fire station location, Distance to coast, Lightning ground strikes, FEMA flood, HazardHub Flood. We deliver over 850 variables through our single API call.

Learn more at hazardhub.com.

Categories: Commercial, Geospatial/Location, Marketing, Property


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