Fiserv – TeleCheck Data Solutions

Affordable, reliable, real-time scores and variables for advanced risk management groups

With our Data Solutions, you have access to TeleCheck®, the nation’s most complete database of check writer account and financial institution information. It provides affordable, real-time access to consumer payment history of positive transactions, account abuse, poor maintenance, charge-offs and fraudulent transactions.

  • Open more profitable accounts —Our database helps reduce the number of rejected applications that may be based on stale data, increasing the number of new accounts you open
  • Segment consumer prospects —Offer basic and premium services to the right people thus improving retention
  • Lower costs – reduce the amount you spend to open each new account
  • Minimize risk —You can save money by not opening accounts avoiding highest risk applicants and limiting your future write off expense from account abuse and fraud
  • Implement with minimal resources —quick deployment without time-consuming and expensive integration

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