Digital Matrix Systems Powers Enhanced Consumer Dispute Management with Updates to CreditBrowser® Platform

PLANO, Texas (February 14, 2024) – Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. (DMS), a leading risk management solution provider, announced today that it has made enhancements to its CreditBrowser® platform.  CreditBrowser® is a web-based data access tool that delivers credit reports in an easy-to-read, proprietary report format.  The updated version supports batch processing of Subscriber Code reports.  This optional capability will deliver even greater efficiency by reducing manual entry during the submission of inquiries.

Addressing an Industry Challenge

Lenders need easy access to tradeline data to efficiently respond to consumer inquiries regarding information that is potentially incorrect on their individual credit reports.  The typical processes in place to address these calls to customer service are time-consuming.  Subscriber Code reports enable clients to pull their companies’ tradeline and inquiry information for their current or former customers from each bureau so that they can review credit information, identify issues, and make corrections as required.

The DMS CreditBrowser® platform makes it quick and easy to pull this report detail through an enhanced view that stacks the data from each of the desired bureaus.  The user can easily identify necessary details through clear headers and bureau-specific colors that expedite review.

Increased Efficiency through Optional Batch Processing

With the addition of batch submission support for Subscriber Code reports, CreditBrowser® now provides clients with the option to avoid the manual entry of inquiry information when pulling reports for multiple consumers.  The platform processes uploaded files of applicants without further action from the user until the agent is ready to review the information.

Effective Consumer Dispute Management Features

Extending the tool’s baseline functionality, the CreditBrowser® Subscriber code report enhancements will enable clients to manage consumer disputes more effectively.  This is essential to help ensure that financial institutions address incorrect credit data quickly to aid in appropriate and fair access to credit.

  • Leveraging CreditBrowser’s proprietary Subscriber Code report view, users can easily review tradelines reported to the major credit bureaus and address consumer inquiries more effectively.
  • Clear headers and bureau-specific colors enable quick and accurate review.
  • Available batch submission is an optional upgrade that allows clients to bypass the manual entry of inquiry information.
  • Files of applicants can be uploaded and pulled automatically.  After processing is complete, applicants are easily accessible for review by agents.

“DMS is committed to helping our clients improve the efficiency of their processes so they can deliver an improved customer experience and support a healthy financial ecosystem,” said Aaron Trentacosta, Executive Vice President for Digital Matrix Systems.  “We anticipate that this latest enhancement will result in a significant reduction in time spent by our clients’ employees entering inquiry information.”

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