Digital Matrix Systems Announces Enhancements to CreditBrowser® Platform

ADDISON, Texas (December 1, 2020) – Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. (DMS), a leading risk management solution provider, announced today that it has made enhancements to its CreditBrowser® platform.  CreditBrowser is a web-based data access tool that delivers credit reports in an easy-to-read, proprietary report format.  The updated version simplifies access and viewing of Subscriber Code (Subcode) reports.

Lenders need easy access to tradeline data in order to efficiently respond to consumer inquiries regarding information that is potentially incorrect on their individual credit reports.  The typical processes in place to address these calls to customer service are time-consuming and can require the lender to contact the credit bureau directly.  It can also involve looking through multiple bureau websites with different user id/passwords to find tradeline information specific to the lender across the different bureaus.

Subcode reports enable clients to pull their companies’ tradeline and inquiry information for their current or former customers from each bureau so that they can review credit information, identify issues, and make corrections as required.  The DMS CreditBrowser® platform now makes it quick and easy to pull this Subcode report detail through an enhanced view that stacks the data from each of the desired bureaus.  The information is easily identified by clear headers and bureau-specific colors.

The new CreditBrowser® Subcode report enhancements include the following user-friendly features, and early client feedback has been very positive:

  • Tri-Bureau Applicant Inquiry
    • All Subcode reports can be pulled from the respective bureau with a single mouse click.
  • Stacked Tri-Bureau Applicant Reports with Bureau Specific Colors/Headers
    • All or selected Subcode reports can be displayed in a stacked screen to expedite viewing of information.
    • Each report is clearly identified via clear headers and bureau-specific colors.
  • Quick Bureau Subcode Reports Removal/Addition
    • As needed, individual bureau reports can be quickly removed or added to operator’s view of the Subcode report.

“DMS is committed to providing the most consistent and visually intuitive reports from credit bureaus and specialty data sources,” said David Graves, Executive Vice President for Digital Matrix Systems.  “We anticipate that this latest enhancement will improve efficiency for lenders in the course of dispute resolution, credit limit increase requests, and other essential customer service activity.”

About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

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