RIBBIT.ai delivers an easy solution for powerful decisioning for financial products through predictive analytics based on banking behavior, in real time with 99% account coverage.  Leveraging proprietary processes, exclusive resources, advantages in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), RIBBIT.ai detects fraud, mitigates risk, covers KYC requirements, evaluates affordability, onboards accounts, and facilitates transactions—at a cost far below traditional credit tools.  Available as a single comprehensive or modular and additive solution, RIBBIT.ai products can be customized for your target population and specific goals or instantly integrated within your existing waterfall using validated ready-fit models recommended for your use-case.  Designed for lenders, merchants, renters, and governmental agencies for instant and easy integration to support underwriting, transactional, evaluative, verification needs.  RIBBIT.ai promotes financial inclusion and improves financial outcomes with better data, existing platform plug-ins, instant results, and an infinitely customizable suite of services.


Categories: Auto, Commercial, Credit, Fraud/ID, KYC/Monitoring, Marketing, Property


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