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Why Next Caller?
The meteoric rise of fraud has many businesses reluctantly exchanging customer conveniences and operation efficiency for necessary enhancements in security. The contact center and its agents are uniquely vulnerable to this unwelcomed trade off, where new, rigid authentication procedures often undermine efficiency and agent performance expectations that prioritize shorter calls with high satisfaction scores. All the while, there is little evidence that added security is protecting organizations from rampant fraud. While criminals use technology, stolen information, and social engineering to successfully impersonate customers, customers are more frequently interrogated like criminals during authentication.

In particular, many businesses still rely on the caller ID system as an important part of the authentication process, giving fraudsters an enormous advantage. In the past, a business could safely and automatically match an incoming phone number to a customer’s account. This saved time and money for the business and made life easier for callers. Fraudsters now exploit this process with call spoofing, which allows them to manipulate the number displayed on the caller ID and successfully impersonate customers. Without the ability to detect spoofing (and other forms of call manipulation), contact centers must either avoid using Caller ID (thus adding time, cost, and inevitably frustration to every interaction), or risk mistakenly rolling out the red carpet to fraudsters.

About Next Caller
Every call travels along a path through the telephone network that leaves behind a data
trail. Using machine learning and expert insight to conduct forensic analysis on over 1.5 billion live calls, Next Caller has reconstructed millions of call paths to build a comprehensive “map” of all possible pathways, both safe and spoofed. Our system allows us to instantly “Green Light” or verify calls that traveled on good paths and flags risky or manipulated ones. A green light allows your business to safely match phone numbers and remove customer-facing authentication hurdles. Less friction makes customers happy, increases self-service, reduces agent calls, and saves time to lower the cost per call. A red light means your business catches fraud before it starts. Next Caller also delivers the intelligence you need to deploy additional security tools only on high-risk calls and avoids treating customers like criminals.

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