Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management. We are 100% focused on enabling brands to know everything they need to about consumers, to instantly make secure and privacy-compliant marketing, analytics and risk mitigation decisions. We offer a unique set of data assets and solutions which enable our clients to identify reach, and validate consumers, including:

  • Marketing: Infutor’s marketing data provides a wealth of consumer demographic and lifestyle attributes that drive personalized marketing and advanced segmentation. With more than 250M consumers in 130M households, this data provides a wealth of key insights including age, gender, income, marital status, ethnicity, purchasing power score, and a variety of lifestyle preferences (tech, DIY, shoppers, arts, donors and more).
  • Property: Covering 99% (+3,000 counties) of all properties nationwide, Infutor’s property data contains information on 148M commercial and residential properties. Power your segmentation, targeting and analytics with more than 200 home attributes per property.
  • Auto: With more than 180M vehicle ownership records, our auto data powers key marketing acquisition, conquest, and analytics initiatives. This data includes a wealth of vehicle information including owner, address, make, model, year, VIN, mileage, in-market propensity indicators and more.
  • Geospatial: The Infutor Spatial Reference File provides the most comprehensive foundation of location intelligence available, including an unmatched listing of validated, multi-sourced addresses and hyper-precise geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude), allowing for deep location-based analysis and decision making.
  • Fraud/ID: Infutor provides multiple solutions for fraud and risk mitigation including TCPA compliance, identity authentication, and robust 30+ year historical data for our clients to build unique, value added data solutions for fraud and risk mitigation.
  • KYC/Monitoring: With as little as a single inbound identifier, on-demand ID Authenticate instantly verifies, scores and enhances a consumer’s identity profile to provide verification services for KYC and AML authentication.
  • Commercial: Infutor’s Commercial data consists of 20 million records including comprehensive company name, address and phone information, with key elements such as SIC codes, employee size, sales volume, contact names and titles and more.

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