AccountScore Limited (AccountScore) is a highly innovative global data and analytics business that provides actionable insights and analytics on bank transaction data for clients – typically banks and financial services companies, that want to make better informed decisions during their customer assessment processes. Headquartered in London, with market presences in the USA and India, AccountScore has launches planned in additional global markets. The management team has extensive experience in working with bank transaction data and delivering innovative products and solutions for Open Banking.

AccountScore operates the registered Account Information Service Provider (AISP) which is at the forefront of Open Banking in the UK.  The online platform carries out the collection and storage of bank transaction data belonging to the consenting customers of its B2B clients, in addition to providing a customer-facing platform where those customers can monitor access to their bank accounts and control what they share, with whom and on what terms. Through an easy to use website or mobile application, customers can not only view but also manage, amend and revoke consents to their information.

Taken together, and AccountScore offer branded Open Banking as a Service (OBaaS). It is the only company in the UK to provide the collection and storage of the data, alongside a full consent management platform, providing its clients with the easy to digest, well established analytics on the bank transaction data to enable real-time lending decisions.

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