Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Includes CodeOnce™ Technology in Future Releases

Addison, Texas (June 9, 2015)

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc., a credit industry pioneer and leading risk management solution provider, announced that its CodeOnce™ technology will be included in all new software releases planned for 2015 in its effort to continuously improve the overall user experience.

DMS provides access to consumer and commercial bureaus as well as specialized data providers, offering consistency in presenting and speed in delivering data. CodeOnce™ is a proprietary tool that enables DMS clients to code attributes and scores only one time before delivering them to multiple platforms and loan origination systems for processing. This method completely eliminates the need to recode for each platform, reducing errors and the time required to validate attribute calculations. This integration process improvement leads to more accurate results that are much faster to market.

When clients transition from one origination system to another, the analytics, scorecards, custom attributes and performance data are all retained, which reduces costs and streamlines implementation. DMS interfaces directly with fourteen different origination systems, and numerous client-developed systems, further enhancing their performance. There is no need to recode, revalidate and redeploy a client’s valuable analytic investment when the origination system no longer meets their business needs.

“We have been able to continually improve the user experience of our products based on input we’ve received from our clients, and CodeOnce™ has evolved as a direct result of that listening process” said David Graves, executive vice president of DMS.

With CodeOnce™, users are able to reduce overhead and IT costs through consistency across platforms. Leveraging CodeOnce™, the same code can be executed behind a client’s firewall, at DMS and at the credit bureaus for production, screening, marketing, or account management functions.

About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1982, DMS is an international risk management solution provider that helps clients leverage the power of data to make better-informed business decisions. Through an integrated product suite, DMS delivers secure access to consumer and commercial credit bureaus, as well as specialty data providers. As a reliable partner, DMS helps leading companies predict and manage risk in a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, and brokerage services. The company provides data warehousing, advanced analytics, scoring models, and comprehensive consulting services, delivering strategic solutions tailored to each client’s business goals. For more information, visit

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