Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Enhances DMS Common Inquiry Feature

Addison, Texas (December 27, 2013)

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc., a credit industry pioneer and leading risk management solution provider, announced that it has enhanced a key feature of its Data Access Point™ system to support requests to its growing list of specialized data providers. Data Access Point™ by DMS is a cutting-edge connectivity hub that links clients to key decision data sources with a single inquiry and delivers the data within a standard XML format.

The enhanced DMS Common Inquiry simplifies data requests to multiple vendors using one format, allows inquiry information to be re-used and eliminates redundant data. The DMS Common Inquiry enables users to make data inquiries to multiple data sources simultaneously and permits “waterfall” logic to be incorporated into the request without resending any inquiry data.

This enhancement offers risk managers in the financial service and insurance industries even easier access to the DMS Data Access Point™ (15 data sources and more than 70 unique report types) using the single inquiry structure. These data sources include the U.S. and Canadian consumer credit bureaus, commercial credit bureaus and other specialized data providers.

“As DMS continues to add more specialized data sources, we are committed to making the access to and use of that data even easier for our clients,” said David Graves, executive vice president of DMS. “This release is flexible and extensible so it will support future enhancements by data providers and continue to bring value to our clients.”

DMS provides its services on a variety of platforms (hosted, internet-based or through software license) to fit any client’s data access needs.

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