Digital Matrix Systems Expands Offering and Streamlines Client Processes

Addison, Texas (April 2, 2013)

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. announced that Version 4 of its DMS Summary Attributes™ are now available through Equifax® for use in the marketing stage to prescreen potential applicants and evaluate risk across large pools of accounts.

DMS tri-bureau attributes are consistently calculated at marketing, origination and account management. This eliminates the need to code and validate attributes multiple times among various vendors such as the credit bureaus, loan origination systems, model developers and marketing companies. DMS Summary Attributes™ are also used to manage and monitor existing customer accounts, providing uniform financial risk evaluation throughout the lending cycle.

A staple among risk managers at banks and other lenders, the tri-bureau attributes represent complete coverage of the consumer credit file, with more than 300 general consumer credit characteristics and nearly 100 characteristics in each of 29 different industry segments. The tri-bureau attributes allow easy analysis of credit information with automated scorecards, decision platforms and application processing systems.

This comprehensive library of credit characteristics is currently integrated with 11 loan origination systems and is now available at the marketing and account management stages at Equifax®.

The release contains more than 2,400 attributes derived over multiple bureaus and bureau versions, completing the need for consistently derived credit characteristics throughout the lending cycle. This eliminates the additional coding and validation that was previously required at each step.

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