Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Introduces Enhanced Underwriting™

Addison, Texas (March 6, 2013)

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. is introducing Enhanced Underwriting™, a highly customized credit decision service that supports manual underwriting efforts and credit line increase programs for banks, lenders and creditors.

Underwriters will have real-time access to applicants who have fallen out of automated decision processes, allowing users to re-evaluate and make on-the-spot determinations. By considering variables beyond those evaluated by automated decision systems, underwriters improve consistency when considering credit line changes and generate revenues associated with applicants that may have been otherwise denied.

The service includes manual access to application data, scores, attributes, credit bureau data and other decision criteria, giving underwriters the ability to amend credit data and recalculate figures. The service is also highly customizable, supporting pre-defined screen calculations and input fields, and allows for multiple “what-if” scenarios for rescoring credit or new credit requests.

Enhanced Underwriting™ interacts with core DMS applications, including CreditWarehouse®, CreditServer™ and CreditAnalyst®, and provides access to the full library of DMS Summary Attributes™. The service also includes an online portal, real-time hosted data access, routing of reports, queuing, process management reporting, underwriter note-taking, and an easy-to-read, common format credit report.

About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

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