Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Announces Enhanced Summary Attributes™

Addison, Texas (July 27, 2011)

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc., creator of innovative solutions that enhance credit-based decisions, announced Summary Attributes™ Version 4 has been updated to include derived imputation attributes, which can result in more powerful statistical models.

Imputations assign a value to an attribute calculation that might otherwise result in zero or null. Zero can have multiple meanings, such as no trades ever, trades in the past but none currently open, or no balance on all open trades. Risk associated with each of these instances can be very different. With the derived imputation option, credit risk modelers will have access to a rich and diverse set of “model ready” attributes.

With the enhancement, credit risk modelers can divide these values into subcategories. Summary Attributes™ automatically generate special codes for subcategories when the derived imputation option is activated. Point values are assigned to each category as warranted by the associated risk of each.

Summary Attributes™ consolidate credit information for easier analysis by application and decision platforms, reducing redundant data to valuable information. They make calculating and implementing credit characteristics understandable and efficient for rule-based, statistical and transactional models. Common credit characteristics are provided across all credit bureaus and include more than 2,400 attributes covering 27 business industries.

DMS provides consistency of attributes over multiple bureaus and bureau versions including online and archive delivery without compromising processing speed. Clients benefit further by the capability to easily supplement custom attributes.

About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

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