Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. Releases Newest Version of CreditAnalyst®

Addison, Texas (July 5, 2011)

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc., creator of innovative solutions that enhance credit-based decisions, announced that it has enhanced CreditAnalyst® with new features and capabilities, making it even easier to validate attributes and scorecards. CreditAnalyst® is a model development tool used with credit bureau access platforms CreditToolkit™ and CreditServer™ as well as DMS Archive Processing services.

CreditAnalyst® gives users the ability to easily create, compile, test and deploy credit attributes and scorecards for risk assessment and automated decisioning without software changes. As in the past, users can create custom attributes and scorecards with CreditAnalyst®. They may now also apply the custom attributes and scorecards to an applicant population, view credit bureau data and calculated values, and output results for analysis in SAS®.

Even in the best situation, evaluating the predictability of new custom attributes can take days. By combining a custom attribute file with performance data offers the ability to evaluate the predictability of new custom attributes in less than a day. CreditAnalyst® supports Equifax 5.0, Equifax 6.0, Experian 7 and TransUnion 4.0 versions of single bureau populations.

About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

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